Experienced Real Estate Salespersons

Kelly Yu Y S

8118 6452

ERA Multiple Awards Achiever (2010-2021)

Senior Group Division Director

Kelly Yu Divisions (Divisions of ERA Preeminent Group)

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Do you want a higher conversion rate for your leads?
  2. Do you wish to have more closing because of your sales skillset rather than because of luck?
  3. Do you wish to have more success in your career and achieve a work/life balance in 5 to 10 years’ time? 
  4. Are you currently a Top Achiever/Producer in your company but want to achieve a personal breakthrough and stretch for a higher goal?
  5. Are you feeling stagnated in your career and long for a new challenge?
  6. Are you facing the challenge of generating inadequate revenue because of the current market sentiment?
  7. Have you been facing a drop in personal sales ever since the implementation of new cooling measures?
  8. Are you looking for more effective training programs to better equip you to close more sales?
  9. Are you feeling stifled due to the lack of quality products (e.g. New Homes) for you to sell?
  10. Are you feeling lost and finding yourself flopping around like a headless chicken?
  11. Are you worried about disruption due to technology as it can potentially cause your income to drop drastically?
  12. Are you at a place where your company does not invest in cutting-edge IT systems that can help make you work more effectively?

Procedure for Experienced Agents

1. Let’s have a Private non-obligatory Discussion

Objectives of this Discussion:

  • To share with you the benefits of joining my team
  • To share with you what you can expect after joining my team
  • To explore if you are a good fit for my team (and if my team is a good fit for you)
  • To present to you the range of opportunities and possibilities with ERA

Here are The 8 Most Compelling Reasons Why Agents Are Joining ERA.

  1. A strong, recognisable and reputable international brand.

  2. A full-fledged in-house dedicated 100+ staff support and 5 strategically located office support. i.e Legal, IT, HR, Accounts, Marketing, Training Rooms, Associate office room, VIP lounge, E-submission, etc.

  3. A huge portfolio of New Local & International Project Sales opportunity.

  4. Proven team building strategies, team systems and career progression for team leaders.

  5. Most number of in-house systematic trainings programs in the industry.

  6. Strong and supportive company culture with high level of competition standards inspiring growth.

  7. The Largest International Real Estate Agency in Singapore listed on SGX main-board.

  8. Fastest commission pay-out to associates in 5 working days.

ERA is home for the elites. To be a true elite, be part of our elite circle.

It’s important to hear from your mentor the thrills and opportunities with ERA. You might get yourself some valuable tips on our business as well. Book a non-obligated career advancement session with Kelly Yu today.

Kelly Yu Y S

8118 6452

ERA Multiple Awards Achiever (2010-2021)

Senior Group Division Director

Kelly Yu Divisions (Divisions of ERA Preeminent Group)

2. ERA & CEA Registration at ERA HQ Office

After signing the ERA Associate Agreement, you are required to make payment to CEA which ERA will assist you to submit for the in-principle approval to transfer the CEA registration from your current real estate agency to ERA. (CEA fees refund only applicable with terms and conditions met)

Please prepare the following for the ERA registration:

  1. One namecard from current Real Estate Agency
  2. NRIC (original & photocopied)
  3. Past 12 months transactions records / Commission Income Statement over the past 12 months (For title and incentives)
  4. Softcopy Of Salesperson’s Photograph
  5. Ensure that CPD points are cleared before registration, if its after 1 July yearly. (Click here for CPD check)
  6. Ensure no CPF Medisave outstanding liabilities (GIRO facility will be sufficient) before registration (Click here to check)
  7. Past 12 month Team Transactions (For team leaders)

3. New ERA Corporate Photo For Registration (Optional)

Please have your Professional corporate photograph ready (taken in ERA Corporate Attire) after submission of Associate Agreement (Yellow Form) to HR. Appointed photo studio has the ERA tie and jacket available at the studio. Please call them to make an appointment. (It’s free-of-charge.)

Appointed Studio: Picture ME

  • Suntec City Mall #03-1036, Suntec Tower 4 (near Burger King) Tel: 63369453

4. Confirmation By CEA & Resignation From Current Real Estate Agency

Only after receiving in-principle approval from CEA within 4 weeks, the salesperson will then tender resignation with their ex-agency.

You are now ready to start your exciting new career path with us!

I would like to find out more!

I would like to find out more!