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Realise your Dreams with ERA Preeminent Group

Be part of not only the fastest growing & most dynamic team in Singapore but also one of the No. 1 Largest Group in ERA® Singapore with over 2300 agents.

It is our vision to empower our associates to be the best. In Preeminent Group, you will have tremendous opportunities to grow and make an impact.

Preeminent Group is one of the youngest and leading teams in ERA® Singapore – a growing and visionary group, we comprise of the best and brightest leaders and trainers. We have surpassed many others in various aspects, be it commendations or achievements. And we strongly believe we can make a difference in your real estate career.

Our team is made up of dynamic and positive-minded individuals who are passionate about real estate sales and helping our clients make the best property decisions. Each agent is equipped with the best tools in the form of knowledge, methodology and technology to achieve sales targets. The group’s success can be attributed to a warm and inviting culture that is open to sharing knowledge. We believe that for any agent to be successful, having the Right Products, Right Trainings and Right Systems is crucial.

Our mission is to train steadfast achievers, groom sophisticated leaders and build dynamic divisions.

Live your life and build your career within our dynamic, warm culture. Discover your true potential with our guidance. Many have benefited from our team’s systems, culture and training programs.

In Preeminent Group, accomplishing your dreams is more than possible. It can happen as long as you take MASSIVE ACTION!

Your life is in your hands. A world of opportunities await.

Take your first step today!

Join the No. 1 Champion Team in ERA Singapore & Asia Pacific Year ’14, ’15 ,’16, ’17, ’18 & ’19, ’20.

Preeminent Group Systems & Support

Leveraging & Automating Our Marketing with Our Preeminent Group GrabPro App

GRABPro is an innovative and interactive App created by Preeminent Group where our agents and leaders can connect with one another instantly, efficiently and effectively.

GRABPro provides our agents with the benefits of scheduling their posts for available listings automatically and effortlessly.

GRABPro App allows our sales agents to consolidate their listings and market them productively.
GRABPro is a new paradigm for real estate agents!

Preeminent Group  Support & Trainings

Preeminent Group offers wholistic up-to-date training programmes that aim to help our agents face daily challenges. We have 3x Eminence specialised skillset trainings for all agents to learn how to run the business the right way.

We also have 4 main skillset trainings that hone Prospecting, Presentation, Digital marketing and Negotiation for all our agents, to improve their overall sales performance and to upgrade their skills.

Our various empowering monthly trainings, sharing sessions, expert level trainings and one-to-one coaching further empowers our associates to be the best!

I would like to find out more!

I would like to find out more!