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Training With Kelly Yu

Here at Privilege Division, we offer you an opportunity to excel in the field of Real Estate simply because we believe that everyone of us should be given the right guidance and techniques to EXCEL.

We understand the fear, stress, pressure, obstacles and challenges that a new or even an experienced agent faced while on the Real Estate Journey.



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How To Kickstart Your Real Estate Career?

Training Provided by ERA Singapore

IMPACT is one training series that bring to you continual trainings with different demand in mind. IMPACT feature speakers who have both the experience and knowledge in market intelligence, market practice and professionalism, and most importantly, how they can help you better equip yourselves with these valuable knowledge to close more deals with little effort and minimum or no hassle. You can either learn from other’s EXPERIENCES or MISTAKES to better prepare yourself for greater and more exciting deals.

POWER MONDAY Your Mondays will never be blue again. Generally speaking, the high-producing agents does work harder than the average producer. The reality is, simply outsmarting your competition will put you in the upper echelons of selling. I’m not talking about working crazy long hours. Just add discipline, knowledge, and techniques to the recipe, and you will catapult very quickly into the top 10 percent of all agents. Throw in a constant quest for knowledge and learning about how to become “even better” as a professional agent while becoming dept at the technologies and latest industry trends, and you will move into the upper league in no time.

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This highly anticipated 4 full-day intensive workshop is developed on the basis of building a Real Estate business with staggering success. Designed and developed for agents with a vast level of different experiences, this workshop aims to provide individuals with a critical business foundation and the competitive edge to meet the demands of today’s challenging industry and attain success. Integrated with ERA’s leading sales and marketing strategies, negotiation techniques, top winning formulas, and conducted in a workshop approach, this program ingeniously engages all participants for an interactive learning experience with an active, exchange process.Participants in the workshop will gain insights to improve efficiency, enhance total performance, develop personal excellence, and discover tactical approaches—all the elements aspiring top agents need to scale heights that many can only dream of.


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Training by Privilege Division

Led by our Executive Group Division Director Kevin Lim to kick-start your real estate career in ERA.

He will be sharing with you simple and easy ways to kick off your real estate business abstracted from his experience during the early years of his real estate career.

This is a proven program which many Preeminent new associates have benefited from and made their first pot of gold!

Preeminent Guerilla Program is a 16-lesson specialized skill training with 2 lessons a week completing it over 8 weeks.

This is a preview of some of the secrets that we will be aring with you! – Imagine with ONE single take-away idea from any of the session and we guarantee it will BLAST your Real Estate Sales Income through the ROOF!

PSP® is a step-by-step formula to help you secure exclusives with minimum effort.

Learn and master the steps of listing presentation. Strategize and overcome all form of objections you will ever encounter.

This 3 days program will shed light to simple yet powerful closing techniques which will allow you to achieve a minimum of 2% commission consistently.

Master the principles of success and how to build a strong foundation in the real estate business.

A 3 days powerful program that guarantees success and uncover your full potential to become to steadfast achiever.

Discover how is it possible to produce results in the shortest time period in an impossible situation. Discover how is it possible to produce results in the shortest time period in an impossible situation.

Held once a Month, this discussion forum encourages all Preeminent associates to return, regroup & recharge by sharing and exchange knowledge, experiences and information.

It is also a great way for new associates to get to know other members in the growing Group

How much more deals would you have closed if you knew the most common concerns our clients have. Understanding the different client’s characters and personality could help them better.

Pursue the business aggressively with the techniques proven and shared by our Team Leaders.

Trader secrets and step-by-step guide to achieve Great Results. Many Winning Formulas designed by Leaders, perfected by experiences and ultimately for everyone.

How We Build Your Foundation & Support You?