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ERA 2013 Career Advancement Day

Dear ERA Team-mates,


This year’s Career Advancement Day is about YOU, our PEOPLE, our MANAGER, our LEADER.

Do you know that you belong to a family with a long history of truly high achievers and accomplished leaders? ERA is always the #1 Real Estate Agency because of our people YOU.

I’m excited to inargurate quarterly recognition of Top 100 Achievers, to inspire you with “Reaching For The Top” Power Talk by best selling arthor Mr. Darmadi, “We Care Forum with the Chief”, announcement of new ERAschemes & initiatives, and chill-out in the evening.

We want to fill up Gardens By The  Bay’s Hall with truly ERA spirit that we are ALL proud of, cheer “ONE… ERA HUAT AH!” with conviction, sing “Reaching For The Top” with your heart.

I believe we can. But we must co-ordinate our effort to make this happen. We need your help to come and celebrate this occasion together, learn together, advance together in a New ERA.


Be proud of ONE ERA.